With budgets being squeezed and a significant refocussing of resources, I would say 80% of my clients are now looking for an all encompassing “Construction Expert”- someone who can be dedicated to the delivery of their scheme. Compared to around 20%, less than five years ago, it is a drastic shift.

Previously clients had the internal resources to deliver and manage a project, only turning to quantity surveyors or project managers for ad hoc services to provide their specific skills where required on a project by project basis. Now the changing nature of construction, especially in the public sector, sees clients out sourcing the whole project rather than maintaining year round staffing levels. They expect best value all of the time from their Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager resource.

Increasingly public and private sectors are looking for a consultant to act as the “chameleon” of the project to provide a multi-functional service by delivering as a project manager, protecting the budget as the Quantity Surveyor, but more importantly engaging and absorbing the client culture as an employer’s representative whilst still keeping the building hat on!

A single point of contact proves to be a more cost effective approach which also provides consistency and clarity within the roles.

Clients have the security of an individual dedicated to the delivery of their project, with the ability to work across all disciplines rather than having a team of professionals to manage

All of this is good news for companies looking to source a quantity surveyor as their multi-disciplinary training and skills set makes them versatile, cost effective and invaluable in delivering a project.

So how can you make sure you get the most out of your Construction Expert?

  • Find out how they work first.
  • Ask yourself is this someone who can offer a specific service or combine roles to provide an integrated approach?
  • Do you want someone to take on the project and own it? If so you will want someone who has worked across both roles and with a track record of delivery.
  • As with any role personality is key. Your project manager or quantity surveyor is going to need to be someone you can trust and work well with.
  • A good quantity surveyor or project manager should work closely with you as they take over the day to day costing and running of your project so they will need to be someone you can get on with and know will deliver.

If you need more information, or advice, and how this can benefit your project you can find out more information by calling Cos Evangelou direct on 07971191114.

At TCQ Surveyors we have over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and can offer support as and when you require it whether that be for a specific task or a project lead.